Learning and Growing One Moment at a Time.

Just live your life one Moment at a Time

Just live your life one Moment at a Time

but Always work towards being the best version of you!

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Don’t worry about anything

As we make our way through life, we are often met with obstacles that test our faith and trust. When we struggle with these things it’s called being stressed or worrying. Being stressed or worrying takes our mind off of the positive things that are […]

4 Way to deal with Change

Change can bring about many different emotions. The word itself makes people start to resist even before you really lay the details out. It’s human nature to just be comfortable where you are and when someone asks you to move out of that space, you […]

What is for you, is just for you.

Have you ever had your heart set on something at the store but when you see it, you may not be in the position to buy it at that time. So, you go home and prepare yourself for your purchase, doing whatever necessary to make […]

Random Moment: Im a Good coach, but a sucky player

So… the guys of the house love video games. Guys do this thing where they watch someone else pay the game that the really like playing. I guess it’s just another form of research for them. Well, with the latest video game play in the […]